Video editing has always been one of my interests, and something I would to do more often. Last week, I went longboarding together with two friends. We decided to make a video about it. We shot it 2 iphones (older and newer model) and my friends dslr. The editing took quite some time, and especially picking the right song was difficult. It had to be not too slow and not too fast, not monotonous and not used in different longboardvideos. I think the song we picked fits these requirements. Offcourse a lot of effort went into the video editing aswell. I probably spent three afternoons on it. My style of editing consists of a lot of short cuts, because I only show a shot, as long as needed to convey its message. Furthermore, I seldomly see the use of video transitions. Just going from one cut to another usually works fine. Another thing is that I usually cut when for exemple there is a certain movement in the video, and cut the next scene on a point where there is a similar movement. Then the scenes will fit togheter better and the transition will be pleasent. For the time spent on shooting and editing, the result is quite pleasing for me.

see the results here: