The E.T. (exhibition team) worked very hard last weeks to organize the first years’ exhibition. It was last thursday at the smartXp. The main focus was on the interactive videos that the first year students made. In these videos the watcher can influence the story by making certain choices. The video of our group can be found . The exhibition started with some speeches and after that every group had one minute to try to convince the audience to go watch their movie. Every person in the audience had been given a little yellow star wich was their vote and they could leave it at the movie they liked most. Although we didn’t win, people showed a lot of interest in our movie. I even think some people might have regretted their vote to another team once they saw our movie…

Another cool thing, two people from UTnews spotted us while filming, and they wrote about us and the exhibition:


So finally the ugly site is finished, i’m pretty satisfied with how bad it is. I am happy that I learned so much during this assignment, before starting I had never done anything with HTML, now I have the idea I already know most of the basics. The site was very useful during the learning about HTML.

This assignment was to make a very ugly site. So this is what I tried to do, and I’m quite happy with the result. I don’t have a place to host it so it will have to be uploaded as a .zip file to be reviewd. All I can show you now is a screenshot:

Trust me, it is ugly! I have even included flashy .gif-image ads.

For the CreaTe course ”visual communication” we had to bring a photo. Without introducing the photo, the whole group would discuss it. I took my photo some time last year when I was in Antwerp with my parents for a day. ┬áThis was the photo I picked:

This first post is dedicated to the first assignment for the course web technology. I picked the following website:

The website says it has multiple purposes. It is a generator of audionoise. Some of the uses of this noise are: help people fall asleep, increase peoples ability to focus, smoothe migraines and block out annoying sounds. Another thing I came across is to use the noise to burn-in new headphones.

Strong points:
Extremely easy to use.
Clean and good looking design.
A name that you don’t easily forget.
The site looks like it is usable on a variety of screen sizes
The site seems very open to user-feedback and improvement.

Weak points:
Not all uses are scientifically proven.
Only the upper part of the site looks good an simple, the lower part is more messy.
Only the web-based generator is free.
There are too many advertisements.
The news feature is useless, because they don’t have a lot of news to report.