In the last week of the summer holidays, we decided to work on an animation film. The group consists of 4 people. The time limit was a week. We didn’t fininsh our full animation. But I had a really usefull experience anyway. Now I know if we would do something like this again, we would have to make a far simpler story. Included is a still of an unfinished scene.


This was one of the best courses in creative technology so far. That is what a motivated teacher can make happen. The assignments were: making sounds in a analog synthesizer, analyzing 3 songs, making a remix of a song, and make foley for media. My end grade is a 9,1. 

Video editing has always been one of my interests, and something I would to do more often. Last week, I went longboarding together with two friends. We decided to make a video about it. We shot it 2 iphones (older and newer model) and my friends dslr. The editing took quite some time, and especially picking the right song was difficult. It had to be not too slow and not too fast, not monotonous and not used in different longboardvideos. I think the song we picked fits these requirements. Offcourse a lot of effort went into the video editing aswell. I probably spent three afternoons on it. My style of editing consists of a lot of short cuts, because I only show a shot, as long as needed to convey its message. Furthermore, I seldomly see the use of video transitions. Just going from one cut to another usually works fine. Another thing is that I usually cut when for exemple there is a certain movement in the video, and cut the next scene on a point where there is a similar movement. Then the scenes will fit togheter better and the transition will be pleasent. For the time spent on shooting and editing, the result is quite pleasing for me.

see the results here:

This post is dedicated to one of my favourite iphone apps: Instagram. ( It is a photo app with a lot of sharing options. The filters you can use look as if they are inspired by certain films, cameras and techniques. For instance the tilt-shift effect is something that applies a blur as if a special lens was used. Other filters remind me of my holga.  Under here i’ll show some of my pictures with instagram.

After a couple of weeks of hard work, we finished a project course called “Smart Environments”. Our groups project was called Ambion. One can find more info on: we think our project was a succes. We also presented our product in 10 minutes to other students and some other interested people. This was done by Julia and me. Our stand was built up like a room, so we could walk through an imaginary door to demonstrate how the system turns on when entering the room. Once you have entered it, it will determine one of 7 moods: party, romantic, sleepy, wake-up, casual, casual sunny and casual rainy. It does this by checking with how many people you are in the room, the weather outside, the day and the time. What I did for this project was mainly programming. I programmed an arduino so that it could control 2 lamps by mimicking a remote control. Also as the groups’ “artist” I made some visual impressions of the working of the system. Another technical part I made was the user override. The team is very happy with the accomplished prototype especially concidering the amout of time we had for it,  and so were the instructors. They gave us a 9 for this course.

Artist impression

Artist impression

The arduino that acts as remote control

The arduino that acts as remote control

It has been a while since my last post here, so I thought it was time for a little update on all the exciting stuff going on.

First of all we have sketching now. We started by drawing straight lines, and a lot of them. We moved on to squares, then cubes and so on. We have now arrived at a point where we have to be able to draw all basic forms and we have to be able to grade them to enhance the 3d effect. We work on big blocks of paper (a3) and with copic markers. I have to admit that in the beginning it was a bit frustrating from time to time, for exemple after drawing cubes over and over again and still not havin a perfect one. But it is getting more fun now.

Secondly another nice course we have now is “programming and physical computing” witch mainly focusses on working with micro controllers. Last thursday we had to build a game and a wireless game controller for it. We had to use an arduino board and a little joystick on it. Included in this post is a picture of our game controller. We had to build the game and game controller from begin to end. This means from fiddling around with components and wires to setting up the wireless, to programming. Me and my teammate had a great time and were very proud when it worked. We both ordered an arduino kit of our own.

The arduino will also be used in another course called “smart environments”. Here we had to come up with a project with certain demands. Our project is called “Ambion”. In this project we will try to make a system that can automatically select the right music and light for a room, according to who is in the room.

I will keep you updated on all of this.

The first block of the study is almost over. This means that a lot of projects have to be finished soon. Today is the deadline for the portfolio website we have to make, and for an essay. Thursday we have an exam on computer science, for that subject we also have to work on the final assignment.

Looking back on the block so far, I can say I’m very glad I chose this study. And i’ve also learned a lot. More on this will be in my essay. It is also about how the interactive movie project went. I’ll make sure it is posted here as well.